• Power over Fiber

Reliable interconnects for up to 16 W optical power

In Power over Fiber applications, optical connectors with low loss and high reliability with high optical power are needed. Diamond Power Solution (PS) family is perfect to fulfill both of these requirements. It allows a reliable connection with optical power up to 16 W and assures the typical Diamond top performances in terms of Insertion Loss (IL). This maximize the efficiency of the Power Over Fiber application minimizing at the same time the connector failures. For applications in sensitive or harsh environments, we recommend the use of our HE-2000® connector, which has been specially designed for such conditions.

Our PoF solution at a glance

Power Solution Interconnects

The PS connector systems are specially designed for high performance applications with SM fibers up to 16 Watt optical power. Diamond PS connectors are based on contacted expanded beam technology; where a section of graded index fiber is spliced as a collimating lens, which enlarges the beam diameter and reduces power density at the connector interface.Using Diamond Active Core Alignment (ACA) technology, we can achieve unrivaled low IL performance for the PS technology by aligning the fiber exit angle instead of the core eccentricity.

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HE-2000® - Push-Pull fiber optic connector with protection shutter

The robust and reliable push-pull connector HE-2000®, with IP protection 67 (protection against dust and water for temporary immersion of 30 minutes) in a plugged-in condition so that connections can be established safely and quickly with excellent optical and mechanical properties, even in challenging applications.

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