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    E-2000® Family

E-2000® family fiber optic connector solutions

Thanks to its excellent technology in terms of the mechanical and optical interfaces, the E-2000® connector family is the best choice for most standard applications. This goes along with the constantly increasing customer requirements. The E-2000® connector family includes Simplex, Compact and Backplane connector and adapter parts, as well as a large selection of network accessories, attenuators, hybrid adapters, transition adapters, terminators, reflectors and receptacles. Diamond’s two-component ferrule with a zirconium-ceramic sleeve and a titanium insert permits the deformation for Active Core Alignment (ACA).

Changeable coloured and/or mechanically coded housing frames and latches for the clear and secure identification of the transition lines. E-2000® components can be sterilised in accordance with EtO, can optionally be fitted with an O-ring seal in accordance with protective class IP65 (protection against dust and protection against water projected from a nozzle from any angle) and fulfil today's biomedical technology requirements for safety, reliability and quality, which are also necessary in applications with special environmental conditions.

The E-2000® Family at a glance

  • Unique 0.1 dB Insertion Loss
  • High Power PS optical interfaces: PS Collimated, PSf Free Space, PM-PS, PSi Free Standing, PSm Multi-mode, PSc Collimator Systems
  • Polarisation maintaining (PM)
  • VIS/NIR for low wavelengths and small core fibers
  • Optical Line Identification OLiD connections
  • E-2000® Fusion for simple field assembly of MM and SM fibers


Same but different - a copy is never as good as the original

Diamond SA is the inventor of the world-famous E-2000® connector. The low insertion loss values, which can be controlled and constantly guaranteed thanks to the ACA process, are often copied, but unrivalled. In addition, all Diamond connectors are manufactured and inspected in Switzerland using clearly defined processes and only high-quality materials.

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Discover DIAMOND

We have much more to offer than “only” being the inventor of the world-famous E-2000® connector. Diamond is known for repeatable very low Insertion Loss connectors due to usage of our patented Active Core Alignment Technology. As a vertical integrated company, Diamond is one of the few manufacturers with total control over its manufacturing process. We are able to process high-quality ceramic, metal and plastic components, starting from the raw material straight through to the finished product.
And recently, our Mini AVIM® was qualified by the European Space Agency as the very first single channel fiber optic connector for space applications.

We managed to surprise you, didn’t we?

These and many more news about our products and services can be found in our News section.

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