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    F-3000® Family

F-3000® Family fiber optic connector solutions

Thanks to the various technologies and mechanical and optical interfaces available, the F-3000® connector product range is the answer to most standard and customized requirements, allowing us to satisfy the growing needs of our customers. The product family covers the following: simplex, duplex and backplane connectors and adapters, a series of network accessories, such as attenuators, hybrid adapters, transition adapters, terminations, reflectors and receptacles.

The F-3000® connector is fully compatible with the latest standards of the LC regulation.

The key strengths of this product include its protective cap, which opens and recloses automatically when it is inserted into or extracted from the patchcord, and which not only protects the contact surface from contamination and scratches, but also protects the user from possible laser radiation; in addition, the ACA technology (active core alignment) considerably improves performance in terms of insertion loss (typically < 0.1 dB ; max. 0.15 dB for the single mode “Low IL” version) and reflection loss (< 85 dB for the APC single mode version).

On the other hand, the fact that this range of connectors is designed based on the famous Diamond composite ferrules (ceramic sleeve with a titanium insert) offers the possibility of installing special optical fiber with non-standard diameters (from 80 μm to 280 μm) or even the possibility of using the Diamond Multi-Fiber technology (several fibers installed in a single ferrule 1.25 mm in diameter).

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