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    Medium entry point for optical components


The BEP-1 (building entry point) from Diamond SA provides a comfortable, clean solution for the splice storage of optical components. This flexible housing can store up to four splice trays for up to four utilisation units, allowing a maximum splice storage of 48 fibres. Our solution is characterised by the fact that the cover can be removed completely and thus the swivel-out trays mean that the building entry point is easily accessible for splicing work.

The housing is made of robust plastic, which protects the contents from dirt and dust (IP40). It is very easy to handle and the BEP can easily be fastened to the wall. It has a wide range of uses. Thanks to its small size, it is particularly well suited for smaller residential units as well as floor distributors. 

Up to six cable entries are available, and it is also possible to expand the unit by up to six F-3000™ (LC) Simplex mating adapters.

Cables fed into the box are secured with cable ties, which also serve to relieve strain on the cables. 

The supply cables can be fed into the housing from above or below. Here, the cable can be attached with two strain-relief systems/cable ties.

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