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Fiber Optic Interconnects with Extended Temperature Range

Industrial, military, aerospace and many other harsh environments often require continous operation at temperatures beyond conventional levels. Therefore, DIAMOND has developed special optical interfaces with extended temperature range,  called Fiber Optic High / Low Temperature Interconnects. These ensure that optical systems meet high standards of reliability, safety and precision even under extreme conditions. The high / low temperature fiber optic metal assembly systems also function over extended periods of time at operating temperatures ranging from -55 °C (218 K) to +150 °C (423 K). This is a significant value-add because it is significantly higher than the temperature ranges that conventional plastic connectors can withstand.

Structure of the High / Low Temperature Interconnects

The connectors are based on a combination of special assembly techniques and materials. In addition, special fibers are used and a suitable coating is applied. This allows the products to be used in harsh environments.

DIAMOND Extreme Temperature Solutions

The benefits of DIAMOND interconnect solutions extend to temperature applications from -55°C (-67°F) to 150°C (302°F) for use in harsh industrial, military, aerospace, oil, telecom and other extreme environments. This is in addition to traditional advantages such as better environmental stability and higher reliability over long sensing distances compared to traditional copper-based sensors.

DIAMOND high/low standard connectors are currently available in PC and APC versions with multi-mode or single-mode fiber. Other configurations are available upon request. Other features include very low insertion loss due to our Active Core Alignment (ACA) technology and excellent return loss (RL). The latter is available in pigtails and patchcords for the following connector systems: AVIM® (the "space connector", particularly suitable for dynamically accelerated environments of mobile platforms in avionics, aerospace, thanks to its excellent optical quality and resistance), Mini AVIM® (the smaller and lighter version of the AVIM® connector) and Micro AVIM®, DMI, DMI, FC and LSA (DIN).

Advantages of DIAMOND Fiber Optic high / low temperature interconnects

  • Reliable and continous operation up to 150 °C
  • Available for cryogenic environment testing
  • Excellent optical values (Insertion Loss) due to Active Core Alignment
  • Ultra polished ferrules for High Return loss (RL)
  • Consistent optical performance over temperature cycling from -55°C to 150°C

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