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E-2000™ Interface Switches

The DIAMOND flexos Installation Switch is one of the smallest solutions available on the market.

It allows you to connect 5 end devices via twisted pair cables. The 5th twisted pair port is located on the side of the device, as is the fibre optic E-2000™ FX port. After installation, the 5th twisted pair port and the fibre optic port remain covered by the installation. The fibre optic port allows you to connect to a fibre optic network directly.

Thanks to its compact shape and snap-in fastening system, it can easily be installed in cable channels and underfloor systems.

The manageable switch has a wide range of features such as QoS, STP/RSTP, VLANs, auto-negotiation, data prioritising, authentication, IGMP snooping, LACP, etc. The switch can be configured using web management, SNMP or CLI.

In addition, the switch has an integrated network component. The version with PoE requires an external network component (48 V) and a passive cooling system.

Coloured LEDs provide information about the operating mode and help to identify errors.

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