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  • Ultra low-loss fiber optic components

    Ultra low-loss fiber optic components

    Our ultra-low loss interconnects are designed for optimum performance and unmatched reliability. Our unique two-component ferrule, combined with our proprietary active core alignment technology, perfectly centers the fiber core. The result is remarkable insertion loss values far below industry standards.

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  • High Power Interconnects up to 16W

    High Power Interconnects up to 16W

    The enhanced and upgraded series of Power Solution (PS) Interconnects withstands up to 16 watts optical power in Single-mode optical fiber maintaining exceptional Insertion Loss (IL) and Return Loss (RL) values. 

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  • High Precision Fiber Optic Interconnect Solutions

    High Precision Fiber Optic Interconnect Solutions

    Diamond is an internationally active company with many years of experience in the development, production and assembly of high-precision and high performing fiber optic components.

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High-performing and reliable fiber optic interconnects

Diamond SA is an international company based in Switzerland, specializing in the development, manufacturing and assembly of high-precision fiber optic components and assemblies. By using a two-component connector ferrule, together with the company's patented Active Core Alignment process, Diamond is able to provide industry best Insertion Loss values. This special process further allows Diamond to fabricate high-performance in all its products. 
Diamond is also proud to be the inventor of the world-famous E-2000® connector.

DIAMOND - high performance solutions

As a vertically integrated company, Diamond SA is one of a few manufacturers in this high-tech industry that has full control over the material, its supply chain and the manufacturing processes. High-quality ceramic, metal and plastic components, from raw material to finished product, are all processed in-house. This operational approach allows Diamond to guarantee that each component meets all the quality, reliability and performance requirements found in Diamond products around the world.

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Fiber optic technology from a traditional Swiss company

From connectors to connector assemblies, custom solutions and technologies, we apply our expertise to solve even the most challenging projects. We offer our a comprehensive line of quality fiber optic connectors, coupled with advanced technologes. In addition to a wide range of standard products, Diamond has the capacity to quickly meet specific customer requirements with customized solutions.

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Future-proof fiber optic technology for all applications

Our competency in the field of fiber optic connections, benefits our customers in a wide-range of markets. As a result, the requirements of our fiber optic products and technologies are extremely diverse. In telecommunications, for example, we ensure the utmost security and reliability, along with a future-proof reserve of data bandwidth. For use in challenging environments, such as satellites, production machines or measuring equipment, it is particularly important that our products withstand harsh conditions. These include high temperatures, vacuum pressure, vibration, shock and other adverse conditions. In medical technology, sensitive diagnostic equipment and surgical instruments require ease-of-handling, safety and sterilizability. Regardless of your market or application, turn to Diamond for your solution.

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Validation of the Mini AVIM® APC PM Space Grade Connector

Diamond SA continues its commitment to deliver superior quality and reliability in our products, especially for critical space applications.…

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Mini AVIM® ESA Re-Qualification

We are pleased to announce that DIAMOND's Mini AVIM® connector has been re-certified as a qualified space grade connector by the European Space Agency…

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26 - 27 June 2024


Mark your calendars for the 2024 AFCEA Exhibition, a premier event that brings together…

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