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The complete UKV / FTTD concept

Ultra-fast fiber optic connection directly at the workplace!

The new "Fiber to the Desk" (FTTD) concept of Diamond SA, leads the fiber directly to the workplace. Thanks to its easy handling, it is optimally designed for both professionals and users.

The DiaDesk combines important interfaces in one attractive device. Thus, switch, sockets and USB power adapter are always conveniently available at the workstation. Both individual offices and workstation islands can be easily accessed.

In addition, we also provide the necessary fiber optic components to ensure the correct connection of the optical fiber. Thanks to its pull cap, the robust DiaLink connector can be pulled directly into tubes with a tensile force of up to 300N over the entire length of the system without suffering damage and contamination of the connector front surface. Afterwards a simple plugging into the socket is sufficient; completely without the help of splicing or other special equipment.

Patch panels, junction boxes and connectors are also important components of fiber optic networks. They are part of the overall network installation and help to maintain efficiency and quality. For reliable and efficient data transfer, so-called active components are used, which construct and transmit data in the fiber optic network. Diamond SA offers various quality solutions to achieve optimal and high-performance standards. They ensure a reliable and efficient data transfer and a low-maintenance structure.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • DiaDesk: the multifunctional network device combines all important interfaces in one device and performs to an above average operating time
  • Fiber optic cabling: simple and fast installation of the robust DiaLink connector without any splicing
  • Passive network distributors: powerful components which are characterized by their sophisticated concept, easy handling and high quality standard
  • Active components: smart, high-tech solution that ensures efficient data transfer and a low-maintenance structure

Reference reports

See for yourself how this solution works by reading our Case Study (German) of office cabling with DiaDesk and DiaLink, which we were allowed to carry out at the company BiCA in Rothenburg. Another exciting project in this area we were able to carry out for the Locarno film festival. You can find the report worth reading here (German).