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Sustainable quality solutions for the entire telco network

With a fiber-optic connection, you are trusting in technology with proven practical success going back 40 years. For you that means security, reliability, and ample reserve bandwidth for both now and in future. Properties linked to a fiber-optic network increase in value. Municipalities with a well-developed fiber-optic network stand to garner strong interest as business centres. Further development of existing industrial areas is another long-term argument in favour of fiber-optic links. HD video on demand, cloud computing, and telepresence for international companies are just some of the up-and-coming applications. New needs and new video formats like ultra-HDTV continually drive up demand for data bandwidth. More than 30 years of experience deve loping fiber-optic products allows us to offer solutions that will stay the course over a very long period of time. This is due not only to our products' outstanding quality and reliability, but to our first-class support and service as well.

We can advise and assist you competently, in person and worldwide.

Diamond created the first push-pull connector with integrated dust cap: the famous E-2000™ connector. And thanks to its unique positioning and excellent connector performances have contributed to the success in the telecommunication market. You can read the whole story and the features that make this connector so special here.

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