• Fiber optic solutions

    FLF Floor-Outlet

Floor outlet for DiaLink/F-3000 connectors

With out FLF socket, you can bring fibre optic into your home or office. Space is often limited. Where space is minimal, the FLF socket offers all the advantages of Diamond SA as well as proven safety and reliability.

It can be installed in door frames, in cable and floor channels as well as in floor sockets.
Just a few steps are required for assembly, it can be installed without tools, it just has to be snapped into place at the front. The two toothed nibs keep the device in a firm place.

The FLF socket can be fitted with up to two F-3000™ Duplex mating adapters, fitted with a laser and dust protection flap and compatible with the current standard LC (IEC 61754-20/ED1).