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    Splice / Coupler Tray

Compact and stackable splice-coupler tray

The DIAMOND Flexos splicing and coupling tray offers a unique modularity and the greatest ease of operation. In spite of its small shape, the bend radius of > 32 mm is always adhered to when using splice connectors or couplers. Several small straps within the splice tray give the fibres the best protection in the fibre guide.

The Diamond splice tray is prepared with supplementary components, such as the 0.9 mm fibre bar where the pigtail and loose cables can be fixed in sequence. An ANT crimp splice holder and two shrink splice holders (Smouv) are included. This allows the installer to use the splice protection systems individually. An easy knock-out plastic press part is available within the splice tray.

This handy little tool allows you to fix individual fibres in the loose cable tube into the fibre bar easily and in the proper manner. Standard usage normally incorporates 12 fibres per splice tray, which is easy enough to install. In exceptional circumstances, a Diamond splice tray offers a maximum capacity of up to four splice protective holders, each with 13 ANT crimp splices or six shrink splices. The splice trays can be stacked on top of one another as well as attached side-by-side on both sides with the prepared metal brackets.

The black plastic cover is supplied with the devices as standard. When required, this can also be fixed into place with additional screws. You can see the current Swisscom and DIN colour codes on the cover.