• Fiber To The Home (FTTH)

FTTH: Solutions for in-house Fiber Optic cabling

Today, an ever-increasing number of households and commercial premises are enjoying broadband connections for the Internet. This is because local area networks and even a domestic triple-play connection require ever higher transmission rates. Where conventional copper cable-based networks still predominate today, there is undoubtedly a need to replace them with fiber network cables in the near future. The closer the fiber optic connection is routed to an end device, the higher the possible bandwidth you can use. Whether the Fiber Optic interface is located in your apartment or in the distribution box in front of the office building does not matter as far as your expectations are concerned, because one thing you expect in any case: it must work without interference and interruptions! To achieve this, the first step is to use Fiber to the Home components of the best quality. It will pay off if you can always rely on the connectors, centerpieces, Fiber Optic patch cords or service.

For companies that choose a Fiber Optic solution for their FTTH applications, Diamond has a comprehensive, practical and reliable range of products.

Advantages and features of Fiber to the Home cabling at a glance

  • Pre-assembled fiber optic cables are pulled directly into the installation pipe or cable duct using the DiaLink connector.
  • The DiaLink can be pulled in with a tensile force of up to 300 N.
  • It is an easy-to-install and cost-effective method.
  • No special tools are required because splicing the fiber optic patchcord is not necessary.
  • The OLiD network monitoring system makes it possible to monitor the entire network status from a single, central terminal.
  • The DiaDesk combines important interfaces in one attractive device and is conveniently available at the workplace.


DiaLink – the smart connector for Fiber Optic cable and fiber assemblies

The pre-assembled fiber optic cables are pulled directly into the installation tube with the connector and plugged into the OTO. Because this is easily possible thanks to the round, slim design and the pull cap of the DiaLink connector. Thus, with this very installation- and cost-friendly method, splices in the house are no longer necessary.

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DiaDesk - multifunctional desktop switch

The stylish and multifunctional network device combines all important interfaces in one device and convinces thanks to an above-average operating time.

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OLiD - optical network monitoring system

The system enables the unique identification of a fiber optic line through integrated OLiD coding in connector components such as the UGTs, OTOs, connectors or splice points. This allows line integrity and error-free connections to be verified from a single access point.

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